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Why the name “Controversial Bookstore?”

fran fearless

Franchesca, Fearless Leader

We are often asked why we chose such a name. The short answer is really very simple:

“Because we try and include all sides.” Back in the early sixties the original idea was to include everything from the far left to the extreme right. It made for a very interesting mix of customers on any given day. By the seventies our customers were becoming more interested in personal growth and spiritual development The nature of our store changed with the times; but our determination to remain all-inclusive has remained unchanged. We see ourselves as both an outpost for the rare, unique, alternative and often opposing point of view as well as a sanctuary for the tried and true, the sacred traditions of all Spiritual Paths that have provided genuine guidance to the seekers of all ages. We picture our shop to be like the village well.

This is the place friends come to get some news and catch a glimpse of what is really happening behind the illusory world of appearance.


Controversial Bookstore Dragon, Juju Exterminator

As you enter our lair you will come face to face with our dragon. He was here first, guarding the gate and reminding all who come here what the controversy is all about. To the ancients he represented the bridge from earth to heaven, the inspiration of spirit into matter, the intimate connection between the human and the divine. To us, he has become the symbol of coming face to face with our self. Our goal is to present all sides wishing to be heard. This effort is general by nature and cannot separate the ancient from the new, the spiritual from the scientific or even the ordinary from the sublime. In response we offer insight and dedicated service through books, music and accessories for inner development, spiritual growth and holistic living. For fifty years we have been linking together major sections of the radiant, golden bridge that connects Earth to Sky. In the beginning we didn’t realize that the bridge is us; both as individuals and as a family. Now we know. We are here to help each other recover what we lost and empower our spirits. We are all for individuals reclaiming their power and freedom. Being controversial is just part of the process.

That said, how may we be of service?

In San Diego please visit our store or┬áReEvolution Books Online Store mentioned in ‘Best Places Southern California’ (Sasquatch Books; 1999). Experience one of the world’s most diverse collection of new & used books, music, incense, statuary, jewelry, crystals, greeting cards, candles & unique gifts from all over the world.


Art Draleon, Voice of Reason

I asked myself, why the voice of reason? and probably because I am helping people everyday to reason and understand.

A lot of people often come to the store and mention, that the store does not look very controversial, (some customers expect a porn shop) P.S. (we have kamasutra books lol) and the best answer to them that I can give, is that in the 60’s the mix of believe systems with politics, religions, philosophies, methaphysical stuff and a couple extra jujus, were very controversial all together in one place, but nowdays the most controversial are the customers and some of our staff members.

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