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Living In The “Now” By: Stephanie Danyle

Living In The “Now” By: Stephanie Danyle

Living In The “Now”

Anyone here have anxiety? I do, I do, I do (arms flailing)

Anyone here have a habit of reliving mistakes at nauseam?(arms again… flailing)

What if I told you, that the time you’re spending in your own head is a HUGE waste of time and energy? It’s true…. and here’s why:

We only get today… right now… this moment is the only thing that’s real.

The future… the future is a place I’ve lived most of my life… only to realize it’s only a fantasy. A fantasy about a moment that isn’t guaranteed to happen.

The past, the past is a place we dwell, dwell on mistakes on all the time wasted. All while wasting (more)time.

Time is broken into moments… Past moments that aren’t happening anymore. Moments that have already lived and taken their last breath.

And now… Now is this moment… this breath… this smile, this light and this love.

Now is laughter. Now is away from the screen and out of your own head.

Now is absorbing memories to be shared in other “NOW”s someday, out there in the infinite…

Now is being…. I encourage you to be more present today. To be in the NOW and find the beauty in the ordinary.

That’s everyday magic.

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