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A natural born Channeler and Psychic, Nubia Munguia is an Expert Astrology Coach and Tarot Reader. She first got into Astrology 4 years ago out of curiosity. Once she dived deeper, she became more and more fascinated of the accuracy and how much it helped her embrace herself; the good bad and the ugly. She accepted herself for exactly who she was and the energies she was born into. Before Astrology Nubia always knew she wanted to help people. She has always been in tune with the universe and how to channel energy. She truly enjoys giving back what was once given to her; self-love and self-acceptance.

Astrology provides details and insight on your life path it shows your weak points it reveals your strong points. There is no negative planet or negative sign. By conducting a chart and the house systems it gives thorough discovery on yourself and surroundings and your interaction with people places and things.

What makes Nubia unique from any other Astrologers is that Astrology is in her bones and heart. She can channel energy from the darkest places to bring out the light in any situation. She wants you to embrace and learn to deal with the not so easy placements in your chart so you can overcome them and turn them around into a strength. Nubia believes all hardships placed into our life are here to teach us something and if  we can learn to transform and deal with these hardships and attack them head on we can do anything!

Nubia looks forward to working with you on your awesome adventure of self-discovery and self-love. Her services provide keen insight and guidance unto self-knowledge and most importantly self LOVE. She believes we all have a purpose in this lifetime and her goal is to provide you with the necessary steps to help guide you in the direction of your soul purpose!

Nubia is available Mondays from 11:00am — 6:00pm

Astrology Reading Rates:
30 Minutes- $50
1 Hour- $100


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