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Silvia has been intuitive since a young age and loves helping people. That is why she has chosen the spiritual path to embrace her gifts. She is a natural healer. In her sessions, Silvia brings clarity, balance and a better understanding to her client’s life.

In her healing practice, she uses Tarot Cards, Mayan Calendar, Psych- k and Reiki.

 The Mayan Calendar is a chart. It is a combination of energies that were present on the day you were born. You will learn about the light/shadow of each energy and how to work with them

 Psych- k It’s a simple and effective process to communicate with your subconscious changing a limited believe for a positive one.

Silvia is bilingual in English and Spanish. If you would like to experience a healing session with Silvia call 619-296-1560. 

Silvia is available Saturdays from 11:00am — 6:00pm


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