Learn The Best Techniques For Protection From Spirits And Entities With Arturo Gaitan

As a matter of fact, it is registered that every October 31st when we celebrate Halloween other cultures celebrate the death. The most important part is that during this period of time there is a huge opening of a spiritual portal that brings the opportunity to give light to our love ones that already passed and did not make it to the light and they are trapped.  The portal is also used by those with dark intentions and with the purpose of stealing the light, or how about attaching to a human meaning YOU to get energy more often.


Fear is one of the most powerful feelings. Fear was designed as a energy generator and activator of survival. Unfortunately humans are still ignoring the spiritual world. Humans just want to believe in what they see because that feels safe.


But for thousands or probably millions of years, human kind has been in fear of the other world. The world of shadows, the world of the spirits that love to suck human energy, the world of the spirits that love to keeps humans in fear to make them release their energy.


Nowadays more and more people know this spiritual world is there. Somehow it is there and spirits can modify the way we perceive, the way we feel and often times if we get trapped even the way we live our life. The most dangerous part of dark spirits is that they will make us live a miserable life, cause us to be stuck in a spell of bad luck in life and live a
life of failure.


Hi, My name is Arturo Gaitan, AKA Art Draleon. I was fortunate to be born a little different than most people. I was born with certain gifts that allow me to know and live in the spiritual world while at the same time have a physical body and the most important part is that I live in human reality.

In my work as a Spiritual Coach where I help people to understand all those spiritual things in their life, I have had very strong experiences and confrontations with beings of the other side. In some cases some of those confrontations became a physical form. As a consequence I developed techniques and probably one of the most powerful methods of spiritual protection, from executing some exorcisms to simply cleaning your life of those negative blocks that interfere in your mental, emotional and spiritual grow and even some times affecting your physical health.

In this work shop I will be teaching:
• What is spiritual protection
• How spiritual protection really works
• Many types of bad and evil spirits
• Good spirits to help us
• How to protect yourself
• How to protect other people
• Why protection does not always works
• Spiritual levels and how we do connect to those levels
• How to recover health after spiritual attacks
• Reasons why spirits come for your energy (vulnerability)
• Demons can be destroyed
• Rocks, crystals and herbs that help with protection
• Spiritual strength
• The best practical protection
And much more in this amazing 4 hour journey with Art!

Join us Saturday October 21st, 2017 at Controversial Bookstore from 1:00pm
to 5:30pm.
We will have a couple short breaks and 30 minute lunch for your replenishment.

Sits are limited live at the store & online through Zoom. Don't miss this great opportunity that can change your life and spiritual perspective forever in your favor.


Cost $175 in advance or $230 at the door if spots still available. Normal price of this workshop is $395 so don't miss this amazing opportunity. See you there!

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