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Our Reiki Services

Our Reiki Services

In a very fast moving world, our brains are trying to make us feel like everything has a meaning.

The truth is that the more we get into more and more information and understanding the more that we stress. How about our social, political and cultural new trendings? We have been classified as the new stressed humans.  Yes! It is all about stress. Pay the rent, get a new job, try to function in your relationship, pay attention to what is going on in the world etc, etc.

When all these things are getting you out of balance, like feeling tired, lack of energy, no enthusiasm or initiative for life or anything else, that means that your energy, your life force is not flowing and may be causing you not just negative thoughts but also getting you ill or sick.

One of the best answers to your bad way of feeling is Reiki. This is a Japanise technique that was developed with the purpose of helping people to recover that energy flow and recover vitality.

Reiki helps with stress reduction, worry, feeling bored, solitude or alone, depression, anxiety, energy clearing and much more.

At Controversial Bookstore, we have natural born gifted people that prepared themselves as Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters. They have been helping so many people to feel better. Call today to make your appointment and get the feeling of wellness for yourself.e

Meet Our Practitioners

Fabiola Reyes

Fabiola is a natural born healer, her ability to help people and her knowledge of the practice of Reiki technique, allowed her to help so many people to get back in balance… Click here to know more about Fabiola.


Silvia Zuniga

Silvia is also a natural born healer, with different techniques and knowledge of life she makes her sessions very complete with the option of helping people’s recovery of their energy with reiki… Click here to know more about Silvia.

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